Applying to foreign medical schools

By | February 1, 2019

Foreign medical schools basically refer to universities and colleges outside United States (U.S.). Although many medical schools are already present in U.S., some American students still consider entering international medical schools. Use of native language in the curriculum and difference in application requirements are two of the major distinctions of a foreign medical school.


According to, going to a foreign medical school may bring certain advantages such as exemptions in Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT), discounts in tuition, and easy passport from high school to a medical course for college. Despite these advantages, students are still reminded to take note of certain factors to consider before entering a medical school.


Applying to foreign medical schoolsFirst, the foreign medical school’s credibility must be checked. The students must check if it has good standards in teaching and instruction. Rankings may determine which schools have high capabilities and accreditations. Statistics and reviews of a medical school are often available in the Internet.

However, it is still better to check if the school suites the student applying. For instance, there are many medical specializations but sometimes, there are courses which are not available in a specific school. Also, there are schools which are good at a certain specialization. Students must choose a foreign school which is a pioneer of what he or she is specializing.


Once a student goes to another country for foreign education, definitely he or she has to compromise and blend with the culture. The Princeton Review said that most of the foreign schools are located in South America which includes Mexico and the Carribean. However, there are also good medical schools situated in Asia such as in China, India and Israel.

It may be hard to cope with culture. Nevertheless, foreign education brings about fresh and out-of-the-box ideas. Once a student plans to go to a foreign medical school, he or she must try to familiarize the culture of the medical school as early as possible. After all, it is not bad to know and learn cultures of others. As a matter of fact, it helps you expand knowledge on people especially culture.

To aid further, here are two suggested foreign medical schools. These are both located in the Carribean:

Saint Matthew’s University

Location and Specification

This medical school was founded in 1997 located at Cayman’s Island in the Carribean. Veterinary is its newest medical specialization which was established in 2005. It is considered as one of the most popular medical education offering fresh curriculum and facilities.


Application forms are available at Saint Matthew’s official website . After filling out the application form, the following must be attached: a.) three passport photos where one photo must be placed in the profile submitted; b.) $75 non-refundable application fee. However, the application fee may be paid online. All basic requirements must be mailed to Saint Matthew’s address.

Once Saint Matthew’s received the application, they guarantee a feedback within two business days.

Things to Consider

Financial aid is offered by the school. Loans and scholarships are offered to help students who cannot fully shoulder expenses for education. Students may apply for a financial aid provided that they disclose an assessment of their financial problem. It may include problems with tuition, books, transportation and other needs.

Cayman Island has different people with various cultures. Most of the occupants are Caymanians, Jamaicans, Europeans, Hondurans, and Filipinos. Primarily, people who live here are festive which includes love of parades, dance on streets and other joyous activities. It is said that students who are planning to go to Saint Matthew’s won’t have a hard time getting along with the culture.

American University of the Carribean

Location and Specification
American University of the Carribean (AUC) is located in Saint Maarten which was founded in 1978. This school seats near Puerto Rico and east of United States and British Virgin. Although it has been threatened by volcanic eruption and hurricane, it certifies preparedness from these catastrophes.

AUC offers basic medical sciences in the curriculum which applies for both clinical and medical education. It is accredited by the Accreditation Commission on College Medicine (ACCM) which is under National Committee on Foreign Medical Education and Accreditation (NCFMEA).

A baccalaureate degree is strongly recommended to applicants of AUC. A minimum of ninety (90) semester credits from college must be accomplished before entering this medical school. The semester credits namely: Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, General Physics and English must be completed. Moreover, an applicant must be a MCAT passer.


To apply, the following must be and mailed to the school’s address:

1) Completed application form which is available at the school’s official website

2) A 2 x 2 recent photo which must be attached to the application form if printed.

3) 75$ non-refundable application fee

4) A maximum of 750-word essay regarding medical career expectations. It must be type-written on a legal size (8 ス x 11) paper. The essay will contain a summary of the applicant’s experiences and views regarding his or her medical career.

5) Educational, employment and volunteering history from high school. It must include the duration
of such attainment. This information must be type-written on a legal size (8 x 11) paper.

6) For freshman applicants, official letters from a Pre-Medical Advisory Committee are suggested to be submitted.

7) Recommendation letters as additional background source are also advised for submission.

Things to Consider

Student apartments are available inside the campus to give convenience to AUC students. Each room may range from $4,200 to $5,000 depending on size. The apartment provides student needs such as beds, electricity and water. All rooms are fully air-conditioned.