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How to Write History Books

Do you see yourself becoming a successful writer of history books in the future? Historical books like those at site are probably the most difficult to author since these are based on factual events. Everything you are going to put in writing must be accurate and precise. Nothing more nothing less as if you are… Read More »

Choosing the Right Online Degree Program

Treading the waters of the nation’s job market requires careful planning and practicality. As job seekers it is one’s responsibility to be as marketable as possible. By earning an online degree students can continue with their daytime obligations while studying at night and on the weekends. This increasingly popular alternative to traditional campus-based learning is… Read More »

The Top 5 Most Unusual Universities Around the World

If sitting in a lecture hall with hundreds of other bored undergraduates doesn’t sound like a thrilling learning opportunity to you, you’re not alone. Colleges and universities have been working for decades to develop unique curricula that will give you a college experience you will never forget. If the conventional approach isn’t for you, check… Read More »

The Top 5 Most Unusual Subjects You Can Study At University

Psychology. Economics. Biology. Many students head off to their first semester of university believing their time in school will be spent earning a degree from a small list of common subjects. However, in recent years, many universities have begun offering programs that are considerably less conventional. Here is a list of the five most unusual… Read More »

A Niche Career in Data Warehousing: What you Need to Know

Data warehousing is a niche field that requires specialist knowledge about data storage, data analysis and data mining. According to the father of data warehousing, Bill Inmon, “data warehouse is a subject oriented, integrated, non-volatile and time variant collection of data in support of the management’s decisions”.

The Educational Benefits of Choosing Skiing for Class Trips

Many people forget that that the point of a class trip is encourage ongoing learning, but the benefits are clear. Class trips in general promote independence, team building and cultural learning and budgeting skills, while skiing in particular can additionally improve physical fitness.