Choosing the Right Online Degree Program

By | February 10, 2019

Treading the waters of the nation’s job market requires careful planning and practicality. As job seekers it is one’s responsibility to be as marketable as possible. By earning an online degree students can continue with their daytime obligations while studying at night and on the weekends. This increasingly popular alternative to traditional campus-based learning is helping people fulfill their dreams of earning a college degree and securing a better job.

Though distance learning has proven to be a great way to get a degree, how can students be guaranteed that their degree will offer a return on their investment? When researching the top job fields Career Cast ranks the field of IT as being the number one career field with the most jobs, good salaries, and room to advance. The medical profession ranks closely underneath.


When choosing a degree course, one must be practical. Fifteen years ago most people could study almost any field, earn a degree, and find employment within six months. But those days are long gone. For example, jobs in humanities, hospitality, education and legal work are way down. If your goal is to find stable employment that pays a competitive salary you will want to pursue a degree in a field with countless job opportunities and proven employment growth.

Information technology

If you check out South University online you will find degree programs that lead to high paying jobs in growing fields. For example business, IT, nursing and other programs in healthcare are offered. Any good university will grant students degrees that are practical in today’s competitive job market.

The great thing about IT is that it is applicable to multiple industries. As a result more jobs are available and they keep opening on a weekly basis. IT careers are offered in the corporate world, government, education, healthcare and private sectors.

Also consider the fact that technology keeps evolving. We will always have computers, and technology will continue to advance. As a result the need for highly trained professionals in this industry will always be in huge demand.


Just as computers are advancing, our health is declining. Obesity is on the rise, and the life expectancy for people in multiple areas of the country have fallen sharply in the past 20 years.

As our population ages and ushers in new life with health complications, there will always be healthcare jobs, and they will be in high demand. Nurses, technicians, medical billers, therapists and many more professions in this industry will need to fill roles to keep up with the increasing needs.

Students who study at South University Savannah earn degrees in nursing and healthcare that open doors to exciting career fields. This industry sees a steady increase in salaries and offers room for advancement.

Check the statistics

Be sure you do some research and find which career fields offer the most opportunities for new graduates. Try talking to recent grads who are hitting the job market, and talk to academic advisors.