How To Teach Student’s To Think For Themselves

By | February 10, 2019

We have an education system that teaches children or students certain things that can be both practical and unpractical to certain parts of their life. Children and teenagers learn how to read and write which is quite practical in the real world. Teenagers also learn precalculus which is never really used in the real world. It would be much better if students learned how to live a healthy life. and to be content with who they are. It would be really helpful if students were taught to think for themselves and not look to other people to make choices with their life.

It’s good to be open-minded and learn from people’s mistakes or keep an open mind when it comes to decisions. The thing is though our education system is geared towards making sure people do not think for themselves. Albert Einstein held a huge amount of hostility towards the education system because it did not allow students to think for themselves. Our education system is set up in such a way that people repeat what someone else says in different words. We don’t praise people for finding new information or taking a risk and believing something that many people don’t believe. We always talk about heroes in the past that stood their ground and had beliefs that were controversial at the time but did a lot of good in terms of positive change. It’s funny how we always talk about these people but when people stand their ground and it’s not the norm of beliefs or behaviors they’re ridiculed. It’s strange that we don’t put the two and two together.

We need to think for ourselves because at the end of the day the only person that we could really rely on is ourselves. Even if we make a decision because someone else told us to and we didn’t really think about that decision that person is still seeing the world through his or her own eyes. It doesn’t necessary mean that this person’s view of the world is right. It just means that this is just the way they sees things. I’m not saying it’s wrong to be open-minded. I’m just trying to express the importance of thinking for ourselves. Our education system does not encourage people to do so. If people thought for themselves then they would start asking questions like why are we learning things like precalculus when were never going to use in the real world?

They start to question things like why is this person getting higher grade them me in this certain project when he just regurgitated what someone else said in different words while I actually took a risk and tried to to create something new? These questions do not want to surface because then it’s going to cause conflict. If you just get teenagers to learn certain things even if they are unpractical but it gives him the skill set which will enable them to get a job that is desirable and productive to our society. This can be seem as a good thing. The problem is though a lot of these people are going to have many emotional problems because they’re not able to handle life problems themselves. They’re going to make bad choices because they can’t think for themselves and trust their own judgment.

In conclusion, thinking of yourself as will most important skills you could have and you need to exercise it as much as possible in order to be efficient at it. It’s very important. It’s unfortunate that schools don’t teach children the importance of this.