How to Tell Which Phlebotomy Schools Are Right for You

By | February 10, 2019

Phlebotomists play an important role in the healthcare industry. A phlebotomist is responsible for collecting blood from patients and for analyzing that blood to determine diagnosis. A properly trained phlebotomist will be able to accurately collect blood samples, label those samples, take thorough medical history for each patient and work with other medical professionals. In order to properly perform these tasks, certified phlebotomy schools are critical.

Phlebotomy schools offer training that will enable you to become a certified and qualified phlebotomist. There are a number of online phlebotomy schools that can also provide you with the education needed to pursue a career in phlebotomy, although you should note that in many cases you may be required to also satisfy onsite lab requirements. Onsite phlebotomy schools will give you hands on training that will fully prepare you for a career in this medical field.

Choosing the right phlebotomy schools or online phlebotomy schools will depend on many factors. Your time for instance, should be considered. If you do not have time to attend an onsite phlebotomy school, online phlebotomy schools give you an excellent alternative and provide you with the right education needed to qualify for certification. You should also consider your financial needs. Many phlebotomy schools may offer financial assistance or allow you to attend classes part-time while working full-time if needed. Online phlebotomy schools normally offer classroom schedules that are much more flexible and allow you to keep a full-time job if needed while obtaining the education and training required for certification.

You should ensure that you choose phlebotomy schools that are accredited. This will help you to obtain the certification that you require and most employers today will not accept training from an unaccredited institution. Your phlebotomy school should be accredited by CLSI or the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute.

Check to see what types of job placement assistance are provided as well. Accredited offline and online phlebotomy schools typically offer job placement assistance that will help you to find work as a certified phlebotomist once you have successfully completed their coursework and obtained your certification.

Choosing from the many phlebotomy schools available does not have to be a difficult decision. Take into account what you need in terms of cost, convenience and certification and make your choice based on the best school for your specific needs. Research all of your options before deciding on which school is right for you.