The Educational Benefits of Choosing Skiing for Class Trips

By | February 10, 2019

Many people forget that that the point of a class trip is encourage ongoing learning, but the benefits are clear. Class trips in general promote independence, team building and cultural learning and budgeting skills, while skiing in particular can additionally improve physical fitness.

School excursions are planned for a number of reasons, but the research shows that changing the learning environment and adding a fun element can have numerous educational benefits. Students themselves may not always see the educational aspect immediately, but the independence gained, the interaction with other students and cultures, as well as the various skills that are learned, can stand them in good stead for future.


A school trip takes students out of their comfort zones and forces them to be accountable for their own timekeeping and behavior. It is important for young people to realize that they are ultimately responsible for themselves and their behavior and, while this can be daunting at first, the confidence gained from a little independence can impact various aspects of their education and future lives.

Team Building

A school trip is an excellent test of a student’s ability to get along with others in a social setting. Engaging with peers and teachers in a new environment forces students to improve their communication skills and reflect on their strengths. At the age where overnight trips are common, it is important that students begin to realize the effect that their actions may have on others and timekeeping and support responsibilities become very apparent when away from home.

Cultural Awareness

Being away from home enable students to immerse themselves in a new culture and explore their interests in the wider world. Simply trying new foods and customs can help to expand their idea of people and instill a sense of wonder about the wider world in which they live.

Budgeting Skills

At this age, one of the most useful skills developed on a school sponsored trip is the ability to budget and make sound financial choices. Students are in charge of their own spending money and must make decisions to ensure that they have enough money to last the length of their time away. Add to this the necessity to calculate exchange rates and possibly learn new skills such as haggling, it is easy to see why school away trip scan be extremely beneficial.

Improving Physicality

Learning a new skill such as skiing helps to promote an active lifestyle and encourage physical exercise. Developing such new skills can help to improve confidence and increase a students desire to try new things. Instruction can also help to identify new strengths and build on existing skills.

School excursions are much more than just an excuse to go away. They allow for a wide range of learning experiences in a new environment, all aimed at developing new skills and confidence. This type of trip can be the start of a new passion or talent and should be encouraged where possible.