The Top 5 Most Unusual Subjects You Can Study At University

By | February 10, 2019

Psychology. Economics. Biology. Many students head off to their first semester of university believing their time in school will be spent earning a degree from a small list of common subjects. However, in recent years, many universities have begun offering programs that are considerably less conventional. Here is a list of the five most unusual subjects to study at university.

* Taxidermy

Taxidermy is the study of re-creating a three-dimensional model of an animal by using parts of the creature in the recreation process. The science also utilizes artificial components in order to ensure that the finished product lasts as long as possible. Great care is taken to create an as life-like reproduction as possible. Taxidermy is particularly popular in areas of the world where hunting as a sport is a common activity; thus it is found in mostly rural areas. However, many pet owners have begun preserving their beloved animals, leading to a boom in the taxidermy business.

* Wine Studies

Many aspiring college graduates love nothing more than to spend a night sipping delicious wine with their friends, but now it is possible to actually earn a degree in the subject. A typical Wine Studies program entails much more than simply learning to differentiate the different types of the substance and each’s advantages and disadvantages therein. Many degrees offer specialisations in the business side of the industry, as in how to run a vineyard or actually create the wine.

* Underwater Welding

Programs in underwater welding prepare students for a career in welding on the ocean floor. Underwater welding (or deep sea welding, as it often is called) often entails traveling to the bottom of the ocean in order to repair cracks in pipelines. An application of this is in the repair of broken oil pipelines when an oil spill occurs. Unsurprisingly, underwater welding is not taught in every university; one will have to look especially for such a program, but many are found around the world.

* Equestrian Studies

Equestrian Studies is a broad name for a category of specializations related to the equestrian industry. The most common degree entails training the student to be competent in training others how to ride. Additionally, business degrees are offered at many schools that specialize in the equine industry. Other programs also include horse breeding and veterinary programs that also specialise in horses. Many universities that offer equestrian studies have a competitive team which allows its students to show regionally and even internationally.

* Horticultural Science

Horticultural Science trains its students in the science of creating ornamental and visually pleasing flowering plants. Many courses include the study of how to cross-breed plants to bring out the most stunning results. Programs also ensure that students are knowledgeable in the various types of flowers and their relatives, as well as how to properly care and maintain them. Other courses could include greenhouse management and plant genetics.

University is a very exciting time for most people. While many end up studying more conventional subjects, there are now unusual areas to study as well, if the student is willing to search. Be sure to check out these subjects before enrolling in a more popular program–at the very least, they’ll probably be more interesting.