Why should I choose Essaypalace.com?

By | February 1, 2019

Essaypalace.com is committed to providing 100% original customized quality papers delivered ON TIME, or your money back. Our team is comprised of professional writers, academic researchers, and other professionals, with a minimum Masters-level education.

I am ready to order, what are your ORDER REQUIREMENTS/LIMITATIONS?


Why should I choose Essaypalace.com?1) We do not take STATISTICAL ANALYSIS or QUANTITATIVE REPORT generation assignments. This includes assignments which require extensive numerical data gathering, data tabulation and analysis. Examples of which include assignments like feasibility studies, sales projection, and accounting and banking papers. — basically anything that asks for exact numerical information that needs complicated calculations and graphs

2) We do not take CASE STUDIES (Psychology, sociology, etc) assignments. This would include assignments that require following news stories and detailed and exact profiling of patients or law disputes.

3) We do not take orders that require advanced and technical knowledge on the subject. This includes assignments requiring the writer to do evaluations using discipline-exclusive techniques like Mental State Exams and other discipline-exclusive theories.

4) You must submit a DIGITAL VERSION of ALL inclass materials you want us to use for your paper. Required sources from reading materials given in class must be scanned, digitally reproduced and sent to us using file transfer websites or by email.

5) All your reference or source materials should be available ONLINE and you must provide us with the link to these materials. Make sure that required sources for your paper like textbooks, novels, newspapers, journal issues, and other printed materials have online versions in Questia and free online access. For film and visual art analysis, ensure that the film can be accessed and viewed online for free and that the visual art (painting, sculpture) can be viewed online.

Can I trust your company?

We have been in this business for several years and have been helping students achieve academic success all across the country. Our continuous growth had been solely based upon our reputation and our clients recommendations and referrals.

Are all papers ordered in this site original?

Yes. We guarantee that all content and materials are 100% original and non-plagiarized. All the papers are created in accordance to our clients specifications, and will not be sold to anyone else.

Is this confidential?

Absolutely. Unless we are compelled by law, we keep all information and work-product safe and confidential. You can also be assured that the papers we develop for you are yours alone and will not be sold to others.

Will I get a refund if I don’t like what you have written?

All of our papers are carefully written with our clients specifications followed strictly. We offer a full-money back guarantee for missed deadlines, but we cannot refund your money based on subjective criteria of the product. However, we are open for compromise, we may offer free revisions of the material depending on the type of revisions required.
Please be reminded that the paper we have written for you should not be submitted to your professor as is. Bear in mind that they are familiar with your writing style and you should edit and finalize the paper according to your own way of writing. We are only here to assist you and provide you with quality MODEL papers.

How fast can you create and deliver my paper?

Our fastest turn-around is 72 hours AFTER YOUR PAYMENT CLEARS. However, this will depend entirely on your specifications. Please review our other options, which most often may be best.

Will my paper be sold to anyone else?

No. Essay Palace is committed to 100% custom quality paper or your money back, so you can be assured that your paper is original and will not be sold to anyone else. Our business growth had been solely dependent on our clients, so your privacy is our utmost concern. We are very discreet and our clients confidentiality is our top priority.

What is the best way to contact you and get an immediate reply?

Simply complete our contact us form, and we will normally reply within a few hours.